The Obsession 20" Dobsonian Telescope was delivered by UPS at approximately 4pm on March 28, 2005. This was about six weeks before the delivery date promised by Dave Kriege. I had to fight with UPS because they left two of the packages behind at the warehouse and wanted to deliver them the next day. I convinced them to deliver the all the same day as promised. After a consultation, they agreed.
UPS shipping cost $625.00.

The pictures below are the unedited version of the delivery and unpacking of the Obsession Telescope. One box was split open at the seam, but nothing appeared to be missing missing. During the assembly, the secondary mirror as unpacked was noticeably chipped at two locations on the mirror surface, and Dave Kriege immediately agreed to replace it. The secondary also did not fit the holder. The replacement secondary is immaculate and fits perfectly.



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